Morro BayLast week, I went on a retreat to Morro Bay hosted by a group that I’ve been following called 3dm.

Alinn@ and I crammed our three kids, my parents, and my brother into our minivan, drove for 3 1/2 hours, ate a ton of french fries, and came away with a glimmer of hope.

I needed it pretty bad.

After our church closed its doors a month back, I started the planning process of planting a church.  Only I had a really hard time articulating what that church plant would look like.  And not surprisingly, I’ve had an equally hard time getting others to join me.  It’s been a frustrating and disheartening time.

Enter hope.

I didn’t get a full picture plan of the church plant.  People didn’t magically fall from the sky saying that they wanted to join up.

But I had the opportunity to listen for Jesus with Alinn@.  We spent a good chunk of time together without the kids.  We made new friends who deeply cared about similar things.  We were both challenged (in a good way) to evaluate and change our family routines (and thereby culture) to reflect our desire to follow Jesus as a family.  And we came away with a few next steps.

What blew my mind about this new experience of hope is how not-mind-blowing it’s been.  Seemingly ordinary enough things with a few nudges here and there and there’s a lightening where it was getting heavy fast.  The heavens didn’t part but still God made His Presence known.


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