GoogleShoppingExpressThanks to a friend of mine who works at Google, I’ve been using Google Shopping Express for free for the last few months.

If you’re not familiar with the service, Google will do same day delivery to your doorstep from select stores which include Whole Foods, Costco, and Target.

It’s a handy dandy service for me because often I have multiple children with me and the thought of loading and unloading them repeatedly for a series of errands well, doesn’t exactly fill me with dread but certainly tires me out.

And I have to say, its been pretty magical.  When I’ve only needed one or two things from a store, I’ve used the service.  Dish soap.  Laundry detergent.  Baking powder.  It’s on my doorstep the same day or the following morning.

At the same time, I’m realizing that there’s been an unforeseen cost to this new-found convenience.

I feel busier.  It’s strange.  I imagined that I’d feel more relaxed with Google Shopping Express.  But I feel the opposite.

I’d imagine that it’s kind of like how generations past thought life would be easier and more relaxed with the advent of the dishwasher, the in-home laundry machine, the food processor, the supermarket, etc..  But instead, the experience has been that we not only feel busier but we are busier than ever before.

Before Google Shopping Express, I devoted a day to going to Target.  We’d walk there.  Linger a bit.  Pick up a few items.  Watch the VTA buses come and go at the bus stop.  And walk back home.  A target run took over an hour, sometimes two.  And with napping kids, that meant that half of a day would be accounted for.

Now, while I’d get Google Shopping Express to take care of my Target run, I’d drive to Safeway then to Trader Joe’s and maybe squeeze in a trip to my bank before coming home to pick up my things from Target.

I’m seeing a growing value on speed and efficiency.  I’m driving more.  I’m walking less.  I’m constantly hurrying from one thing to the next.  And I’m growing more impatient with my kids.

Will I continue using Google Shopping Express?  If its free, yeah probably.  But probably with less frequency so that I’ll be forced to slow down.


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