Sunday Homeschool

IMG_2003I mentioned in an earlier post that every Sunday since mid-September, we’ve been doing something that we’ve been calling “Sunday homeschool” with our immediate family members.

We start with prayer.  We sing a worship song with everybody playing an instrument.  I teach a lesson for the kids which usually follows the pattern of an activity, a short video illustrating a Bible narrative, a discussion of the Bible narrative, and a craft that is linked to the narrative.

On average, Sunday homeschool lasts somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes.

It’s been lightweight.  There’s some prep involved but it hasn’t been consuming.  The length of time has been about right for my kids’ attention spans.  During football season, I can do Sunday homeschool and watch the morning games.

But it’s also been high on impact.  My kids and I talk about Jesus a lot more than we used to.  It could be because they’re getting older.  But it could also be because of the many ways that we’ve conscientiously incorporated our faith into our daily/weekly routines as a family, of which Sunday homeschool is now a part.

This past Sunday, right before we got started, S@m and S@rah somewhat surprisingly decided to go out and invite two of their friends from the neighborhood to join us.  Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly), they came back with said friends.

What was definitely surprising was that one of their friends knew the worship song that we sung that morning and sang it loud and proud complete with some hand motions.  My own kids didn’t know the words to the song.  They still don’t.

In the not so distant past, I used to go after the spontaneous, spur of the moment, exciting, radical things in pursuit of God.  I suppose I still do and still will.

But it was in a normal, routine Sunday where we did our normal, routine stuff that my kids and God surprised me.


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