Go Time/Stay Time

BrothersOnDrivewayI’ve been learning from experience recently that there are seasons of rest and seasons of work.  Wait and go.

And for these last few months, it’s been “go” time.

It hasn’t felt hectic.  I don’t feel burnt out.

But things have been happening.  I’ve been doing things.  And I’m seeing fruit.

The most significant of which has been my family’s housing situation.

I wrote back in February that we rent our house and that the landlord put it on the market, making our housing situation tenuous.

Since then, while we waited to to see what would happen, my family and I went to check out what else was available on the rental market.

And then, we got creative.  We looked at larger places, more expensive places with the two guys we’ve been increasingly sharing life with.  We looked into the possibility of sharing a house with others.  We expanded our definition of family.

And we found a place that all of us liked.  It was a really nice place.  It was more than large enough for us.  And it fit within our budgetary constraints.  We talked about house rules.  We talked about how we would divvy up the responsibilities.  We talked about how we would split costs.  And we talked, we dreamed about what our life together in the shared house would look like.  We got excited.

But there was still the matter of the house we would have to leave.  And the new landlord gave us a price that also fit in our budget.

So, we stayed.  We were excited about what could be with the larger place, but we weren’t done at our old place.  We still had the same conviction.  We still loved the people in our neighborhood.  The people still liked us back.  We still saw God at work in our neighborhood.  And as we’ve been finding since that decision to stay, we continue to see God working in our neighborhood.

So, we stayed.

There might still be a time when we revisit the idea of shared living.  I hope that opportunity comes again.  But that time isn’t now.


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